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Geraldine McKeever

Geraldine is a high performing musician and piano tutor from Derry, Northern Ireland. Since the age of 4 years, she has significantly invested her time and energy into developing a wealth of effective performance techniques for Piano. She has acquired skills and knowledge of additional instruments including Guitar, Ukulele, Cello, Voice (Singing) and Violin. 


Geraldine’s passion in piano has been demonstrated throughout her academic studies to date, and her employment choices. Having achieved an A* in GCSE Music at Thornhill College, Geraldine pursued musical studies at the North West Regional College to further enhance and expand her passion for music. Geraldine has performed in band showcases as part of her studies at the North West Regional College. 


Over the last 7 years, Geraldine has been developing high quality one-to-one piano lessons to learners aged 4 and above (both face-to-face and online). She is very familiar with both the Associated Board for the Royal School of Music and Trinity College of London exam boards. She has achieved grades in Piano (1-8), including Grade 5 Theory of Music; and has also achieved the ATCL Diploma in Piano in 2019. Geraldine has provided an accompaniment service for pupils preparing for and attending graded examinations in Violin and Singing. She has also provided GCSE Performance classes in St. Cecilia’s. 


Geraldine was awarded a First-Class Honours BSC Degree in Music in 2020 and has completed her Master of Music Degree at Ulster University. She has a keen interest in the compositional works of classical musicians including Liszt, Debussy and Chopin. She has had opportunities to research and appraise performance challenges; and to develop effective practice methods to overcome these. 


Geraldine is excited for the year ahead, to welcome, inspire and support the development of pupils attending St. Columb’s School of Music this year. 

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