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James Graham

James has been playing music since he was 7 years old when he was given a French horn in primary school. When he was 9 he was given a guitar and his focus switched immediately as he fell in love with the instrument. He continued to play classically with the French horn until he was 18, completing several tours of Ireland with the Senior Youth Orchestra. At the same time, James had just been presented with the Noel Henderson Award for academic achievement in music from the Northwest Regional College and was on his way to England to continue his study of the Guitar.

James graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts with honours (1st class) and moved back to Derry where he has been performing and teaching ever since. He plays in several bands across Northern Ireland including ‘Seeds of the Oak tree’, ‘dander’ ‘MFQ’, and has performed and collaborated with the likes of MOBO award nominated drummer, David Lyttle.

James’ main goal is to inspire in others that which first convinced him to pursue music as a career.

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