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Connor Kearney

With a dedicated work ethic, I've been fortunate to follow my passion for teaching and guiding students along their educational journeys. I hold both bachelor's and master's degrees, providing me with a solid foundation for my career in music.


In the world of music, I've achieved milestones such as grade 7 in the Rock School for guitar and grade 5 in piano under Trinity College. My heart lies in composition, and I had the honor of collaborating with the renowned Ulster Orchestra, an experience that both humbled me and deepened my musical understanding.


On stage, I've had the privilege of performing at numerous gigs across Ireland. These opportunities include supporting acts like the Whistling Donkeys and sharing the spotlight with talents like Chris Madden and the Lucky Ducks.


Moreover, I've been entrusted with leading and conducting the Ulster Jazz Band, an experience that allowed me to refine my musical leadership skills. Throughout these adventures, my enthusiasm for learning and growth as both an artist and educator has remained undiminished.


In the realm of guitar, my admiration extends to the likes of Frank Gambale, Joe Pass, and Greg Howe. As for my personal musical tastes, I hold a deep appreciation for classical and jazz genres.

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