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Support our Students

Central to the School's philosophy is that any child should be able to learn music, irrespective of its family's financial circumstances. Many pupils, ineligible for government aided scholarships, are only able to take up an offer because of help from the St. Columb's School of Music Foundation.

Mindful that the School's greatest asset is its musically gifted children, it is necessary to raise money each year for the St. Columbs's School of Music Foundation (which provides bursaries to children who require it, scholarships and prizes) and also any additional income that is required to meet the cost of further activities that require funding. 

We are already fortunate to receive generous donations each year from several individuals, as well as some well-known Trusts and Charitable Foundations. However, there are always students in need of further support. Whether through corporate sponsorship, donation or legacy, your money can help a musical child to receive a priceless education.

If you would like to know more about our St. Columb's School of Music Foundation, or to make a donation, please contact the school directly.

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