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School Aim

We want to give everybody the opportunity to learn music to the highest standard that they can achieve. Instead of focusing only on grade exams, we aim to make every student an all rounded musician, including varied repertoire and basic theory. We want to give students in 3rd level education the chance to teach students of their own and achieve a first-hand experience of this musical profession. More importantly, we want to have more students learning, more options and opportunities for children and stronger community relationships, built through music. 


What will it look like in 3 years?

The city will have more people learning and performing music; more concerts and events to showcase local and young talent; and more young teachers teaching. 


What will it look like in 5 years?

In addition to showcasing local talent, regional talent from across Ireland and the UK will be performing in regular events across the city, increasing tourism, culture, diversity and music. Showcasing across the city gives students the skills and opportunities to help them enter into the music and arts profession, and more children learning music. 


What will it have achieved?

An increased interest into music, whether it is through teaching, learning, performing or listening. Art subjects remain a crucial part of every child's development and helps their creativity and self-confidence simultaneously. The School of Music will act as the centre of excellence for music for youth in Ireland and help build the city as a centre of cultural excellence. The city will be seen as an international stage for music with a top tier music school providing opportunities, increasing employment and increasing contacts.

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