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How to apply

How to Apply

To apply to the School of Music, you can call us on 07366602407 or email us at Applicants will be considered as soon as they apply and students are encouraged to apply as early as possible in the school year (before September) in order to have suitable time to prepare for exams and concerts (if applicable). The school will contact you with any available times/days to enrol you. 

Fee Structure:

We implement an upfront payment system: where you pay at the start of each month/term/annually. This provides you with great clarity and simplicity in managing your, or your child’s, music education expenses. Payment can be made at the front desk when attending your lessons, by cash or card, and also online through our website or by bank transfer. Accounts can be viewed through our MyMusicStaff system at anytime. Those individuals or families who receive three or more lessons per week at the School of Music will be granted a 5% reduction in overall price. This reduction will apply regardless of your preferred payment option (monthly, termly, or annually).

24 Hour Cancellation Policy:

Students are charged for all lessons in which they register, including those missed through student absence. As a courtesy, students are expected to notify the School Secretary of an impending absence at least 24 hours in advance of the lesson so that lessons can be rearranged. The Music School does not offer compensatory lessons for absences and/or missed lessons that occur without prior notification to the school for less than 24 hours before the lesson. Student lessons are suspended after three consecutive absences without notification by the student/family. Lessons will also be terminated through unwillingness to learn and repeated failure to pay for lessons. We are in the fortunate position to have built a substantial waiting list for admission to the School of Music. It is important to stress that in order to ensure the process is fair for everyone, only students with a genuine interest in learning music, or playing an instrument, should feature on our waiting list.


Tutor Absence/Depping System:

If your tutor is set to miss a student lesson, the tutor is responsible for organising a ‘dep’ to cover the lesson. The dep is often a fellow tutor at St Columb’s School of Music. We feel that this is the best-case scenario as it allows students to maintain consistent weekly lessons, but also learn other new ideas, and implement them, from various members of our team of skilled tutors. If a dep cannot be provided at short notice, an alternative lesson later will be offered by your tutor. If a later date cannot be agreed upon, the School of Music will offer a full refund for the said lesson in question.


Waiting Room

All parents, guardians and students are welcome to use our waiting room areas before and during their lessons. From time to time, other groups might yse these rooms and we ask that you either drop off the students or use the seating areas outside the various teaching rooms. 

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