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Instrumental Tuition Individual

Theory Tuition Individual

Theory Tuition Group

Grade 5 Theory Tuition Group

Aural Skills Workshops

Grade Exam Accompaniment

School Exam Accompaniment

Choir Accompaniment

Weddings and Formal Ceremonies



The fees for the academic year 2023/24 are:

£18 for 30mins

£18 for 30mins

£5 for 45mins (Free for School of Music Pupils)

£20 for 60mins (Free for School of Music Pupils)

£5 per person

£30 (Diplomas may vary)

£25 an hour

£25 an hour




Individual Tuition prices are set at £18. This includes

  • Quality assured teaching

  • Weekly lessons in a unique school building

  • Grade 1-5 theory built into each lesson

  • Discounted entrance to School of Music concerts

  • Opportunities for external performances (e.g. Concerts)

  • Opportunities for external musical work (e.g. Playing at events)

  • Financial support and guidance when applying for musical degrees/scholarships


Fees can be paid in a number of ways:

Lessons are taught on a one-to-one basis except group theory lessons and other tuition workshops. Students enrolling in private lessons or group classes may pay their tuition in several ways. 

  1. Cash

  2. Cheque

  3. Online

  4. Standing Order

These methods can be paid for individual lessons, monthly, termly or yearly. Payment is monitored by the School Office and any outstanding payments will be sent by post at the end of each term. If payment from a previous term is still outstanding, unpaid fees will be subject to a £25 charge at the start of the next term. 

For more information on fees, payment and rescheduling, see our School Handbook.


Depending on the funding from our donors each year, school bursaries may be available for those students who are not able to afford the full fees and can declare their financial circumstances. For further information about school bursaries, please contact the school directly.

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