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Matthew Bradley

Matthew, aged 22, has recently successfully completed his undergraduate studies, earning a Bachelor's degree in Music. Having started learning piano at 6 and completing his grades with trinity in the years following, Matthew is a confident pianist and accompanist. 


Throughout his time in education, Matthew has studied both music and drama at GCSE and A level which has fostered a love for a wide range of music from Classical to musical theatre to jazz. Matthew decided to pursue music further academically at Ulster University's Magee campus in Derry-Londonderry where he developed a newfound interest in choral music and has spent the past few years singing for the University's choir and their chamber choir ensemble who this year had the privilege of performing for a packed guildhall alongside Phil Coulter to an audience including 42nd President Bill Clinton to mark the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday agreement. 


Matthew has privately tutored in piano for two years and is excited to work with more students to help them achieve their goals, be it through grade exams or other performance opportunities and to foster confidence, creativity and develop his students' ability to express themselves through the medium of the piano.

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